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Boiler Servicing in West Malling From the Professional Heating Engineers -
The Benefits of Yearly Servicing

The Benefits of Yearly Servicing

The busy nature of everyday life makes it easy to forget about boiler servicing. However, calling an engineer in West Malling for an annual service is always a worthwhile practice. As vastly experienced Gas Safe plumbers, heating engineers and heat pump installers, we deliver in-depth boiler servicing to keep properties safe and energy costs down. In our role as mechanical contractors, we manage large-scale heating systems from planning to delivery.

Below, we discuss why you should never delay boiler servicing. If you need heating engineers or mechanical contractors in the West Malling area, call our team in Upnor.

It Enhances Home Safety

Carbon monoxide poisoning kills around 60 people in the UK each year. Boiler servicing defends against this menace, keeping homeowners safe in the night. As heating engineers and mechanical contractors, we consider your safety a top priority. We also treat all properties in the West Malling area with the respect they rightly deserve.

Servicing Saves Money

Boiler servicing involves in-depth inspections of numerous components that can fail over time. It also allows the engineer to diagnose faults before they destroy the boiler entirely. By ensuring your boiler in West Malling or Kent operates as it should, you reduce energy wastage and won’t have to pay extra to heat the property.

Working as heat pump installers, we can fit carbon-reducing measures that continue to save you money a time marches on. Ask us for air source and ground source heat pump installations.

It Protects the Guarantee

Boilers from brands like Ideal and Worcester Bosch come with lasting warranties, as long as you continue with annual boiler servicing. Waiting for the year to lapse will invalidate the warranty, in turn costing more if it breaks down. As with all gas appliances, only Gas Safe-registered heating engineers and plumbers should inspect your boiler.

When calling our heat pump installers and mechanical contractors, you can be assured that all products come with the applicable warranties for your protection.

It Keeps Landlords Compliant

Boiler servicing keeps rented accommodation in the West Malling area safe for tenants to occupy. Servicing is also a legal requirement for commercial premises. As experienced plumbers, mechanical contractors and heating engineers, we supply the relevant certificates after performing a series of detailed checks.

NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd is a professional team of plumbers, heat pump installers and mechanical contractors. We help homeowners, architects, developers and quantity surveyors across West Malling and Kent – managing a client-focused service that delivers excellence to fit your schedule.


Call our heating engineers on 01634 968107 for boiler servicing in the West Malling area. Our mechanical contractors provide central heating systems and more.

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