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Heat Pump Installers

Our Heat Pump Installers specialize in installing eco-friendly and energy-efficient heat pump systems, providing sustainable heating solutions that are cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Energy-Efficient Systems From the Accredited Heat Pump Installers

If you're looking for an eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating solution for your property in Canterbury, Maidstone, or Rochester, our heat pump installers have got you covered. We specialize in selecting, installing, and maintaining the best heat pump systems to suit your needs, ensuring optimal performance and reduced energy bills. With our expertise, we can help you transition to a greener and more sustainable heating system.

As energy costs continue to rise and we grow more aware of climate change, reduced-carbon systems have become more widespread. This nationally recognised scheme ensures a commitment to standards for ground and air source heat pumps alike.

What Is an Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump takes the energy from the surrounding air no matter the weather outside, then channels it to warm your property. It’s ideal for homes in the most rural areas and transfers up to four times more energy than it takes to operate.

  • Your air source heat pump will use far less energy than it generates
  • It provides hot water and heating by a continuous process of evaporating and condensing
  • It’s a perfect choice for rural environments and eco-friendly homeowners

NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd serves as the trusted air source heat pump installers but also provides ground source heat pumps, complete with borehole or ground loop installations.

Air Source Heat Pumps – What Are the Benefits?

Affordable Running Costs

An air source heat pump will be around three times more efficient than a modern boiler, so it can vastly reduce your energy bills.

Potential 400% Efficiency

Our heat pumps prove highly efficient because they generate far more heat than the energy they use. This is substantiated by Nu-Heat, who have a registered installer network. Renewable technology may reduce your energy bills significantly although this is not guaranteed.

A Renewable Choice

Reduce your carbon footprint with an air or ground source heat pump. This allows you to do your part for the environment.