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Signs You May Need Professional Plumbers
in Maidstone or Sevenoaks

Leaky faucets can initially seem like a minor issue, but major leaks, blockages and other issues can go on for some time and cause unforeseen problems. Our experienced plumbers, with a history of managing small and large-scale projects, have the skills to ensure success without risk and give your home or commercial property the care it needs. NDC comes fully qualified to undertake installation, maintenance and repair work, delivering a high-quality service throughout Maidstone and the Sevenoaks area.

Please contact us if you have plumbing concerns or experience any of the issues mentioned below.

No Hot Water / Pressure Issues
If regularly serviced by a Gas Safe engineer, your boiler should last for many years without problems. Even so, they can fail on occasion due to a faulty part. A lack of warm water, low pressure in the shower and frequent temperature issues make a visit from your trusted plumbers likely. It’s also worth keeping a lookout for a leak in your water heater.

A Blocked Drain
Do you often find yourself stood in the shower with water up to your ankles? Perhaps the toilet experiences problems, or you notice a foul smell coming from the sink. It only takes a mass of hair, carelessly thrown wet wipes or mineralisation issues for a blockage to occur. Our plumbers can clear the blockage from your Maidstone or Sevenoaks property, and undertake all domestic and commercial plumbing works required.

An Upcoming Refurbishment
Remodelling your bathroom should be an exciting time, but you will need an expert to make sure all connections meet a high standard. The last thing you want is for a shower, sink, bidet or toilet to leave water on the ground because of faulty workmanship. We at NDC Plumbing & Heating conduct a full service that includes sink, bathtub and shower fitting. In addition, our team can completely rejuvenate your bathroom into an inspirational environment.

Continuous Dripping
Did you know that a drip that occurs once a minute could see you paying for more than 500 gallons of water a year? When added over multiple years, that’s a large amount of money. A dripping faucet can also prove irritating, such as when you’re trying to read or get some sleep. Our plumbers install shower heads and taps using first-class techniques, reducing the chance of a drip or leak in the near future.

Your Reliable Plumbers | Managing Large-Scale Projects

We want you to be delighted with your new bathroom, and carry out all plumbing work for your refurbishment or remodelling project. Unlike some tradesmen in Maidstone or the Sevenoaks area, we often specialise in more complex tasks, which demand unrivalled attention to detail for complete client satisfaction.

Other potential issues that require a trained plumber include:

• A gurgling sound coming from your drains
• Slow-draining sinks or standing water
• Backflow that may ruin your flooring
• Broken home and commercial appliances
• Upgrades to an efficient new heating system
• The fitting of new water tanks and radiators

If you need the professional care of experienced plumbers in Maidstone, Sevenoaks or the nearby areas, please call

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