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Plumbers and Heat Pump Installers in Maidstone

The Advantages of Owning an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump

A heat pump works by moving heat from one place to another with a compressor and the aid of a gas or liquid refrigerant. This renewable method makes it the perfect solution for homeowners in the Maidstone area wanting a truly eco-friendly option and can make a high-value property into something more economically viable. Of course, it takes accredited heat pump installers to ensure the fitting process meets a high standard.

Renowned as plumbers, mechanical contractors, boiler servicing experts and heating engineers, our team can provide air and ground source heat pumps that prove ideal for modern living. Read on to learn more about why heat pumps continue to grow in popularity and why they may be the right choice for your property, either in Maidstone or the surrounding regions.

A Low Running Cost – Although heat pumps can prove costly to install, customers tend to benefit over time. For example, switching from an electrical heating system can save you around £500 on an annual basis – an amount you could put towards other things, such as improving the bathroom. Above all, it’s important to remember that air and ground source heat pumps serve as worthwhile investments that also demand less maintenance than the conventional options.

A Safe Environment – While boiler servicing from the heating engineers helps to prevent gas leaks, heat pumps don’t use a combustion-based system. This makes them safer to run and operate. That said, you will need highly experienced heat pump installers for your project in Maidstone or the neighbouring regions. Accredited with the leading manufacturers and suppliers, our plumbers and mechanical contractors work with Nu-heat, Mitsubishi and others to guarantee the success of installations across a wide area.

Reduced Emissions – With an efficiency conversion rate as high as 400 per cent, heat pump installation cares for the environment like few other systems. Heat pumps reduce your carbon emissions considerably and can even help you qualify for the government-led RHI scheme. The long lifespan of the system also means you’ll produce fewer emissions over an extended period, futureproofing the home in line with today’s more environmentally-friendly attitudes.

The Ability to Cool Your Property – Unlike most plumbers, boiler servicing experts, heating engineers and mechanical contractors, heat pump installers offer all-in-one systems that can double up as AC units. Switch to cooling mode in the summer for a more comfortable space or enjoy carbon-friendly heat in the winter with a low running cost. Whatever the temperature in Maidstone or the surrounding areas, heat pumps cater to your thermal needs.

At NDC Plumbing & Heating, we serve as mechanical contractors and plumbers but also bring a passion for ground and air source heat pumps. In addition, most of our products feature a five-year warranty and we come MCS accredited and fully trained to carry out a professional installation.


For advice and installation in the Maidstone area from the trusted plumbers and heat pump installers, please call NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd on 01634 968107.