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The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

When it comes to heating systems, many of us simply make do with what we already have. Unfortunately, this can mean we end up spending far more on heating than we really should. Looking for an alternative can seem like a real challenge too, mainly because of the potential for disruption and upheaval. This is where our experienced heating engineers come into their own. NDC Plumbing & Heating installs underfloor heating systems across West Malling and the Medway area, delivering a complete process for lasting comfort.

You can learn more about what we do by visiting our portfolio of successful projects. Read on to see why underfloor heating has become a recommended choice among property owners from all walks of life.

Underfloor Heating From the Experienced Heating Engineers

The installation of an underfloor system may be more expensive than traditional radiators to begin with, but you’ll benefit in numerous ways and could money as you run the heating at a reduced temperature. This makes it ideal for homeowners after a wise investment that adds to the value of the property in West Malling, Medway or the surrounding areas.

Perfect for Any Room – If you’re renovating a lounge, hallway or kitchen, then you could add underfloor heating to the project plan. Some homeowners choose to include it in their bathroom, while others consider it a way to improve a new extension. As professional heating engineers, we can help you select the ideal place for your underfloor system and perform a full installation for ambient warmth at a competitive cost.

It Works With Most Floors – Underfloor heating doesn’t just work with laminate flooring. Instead, it can also function well with vinyl, tile, stone and carpets. Stone, tile and laminates provide increased conductivity than some carpets, however, so you will want to consider the most suitable option for your needs.

The Hypoallergenic Choice – Radiators run on convection heat, cycling the warm air and kicking up dust, fibres, mites and pet hairs alike. As you might expect, this can cause breathing problems for people with asthma and allergies. By installing underfloor heating for your West Malling or Medway property, our heating engineers actively improve air quality – not just for allergy sufferers, but for all other occupants too.

A Consistent Quality – Radiators take up space and only provide a large amount of warmth to specific parts of the house. This can leave cold spots, for uncomfortable places that you’d rather avoid altogether. We can install a system that takes up little-to-no space and delivers ambient warmth for a more comfortable lifestyle.

Great for Your Design Ambitions – Without bulky radiators taking up space in your home in West Malling or the Medway area, you can add a feature wall or place furniture without obstruction. Hidden beneath the floor coverings and professionally installed by our heating engineers, the new system gives you the chance to get creative and make your property both look and feel how you always wanted.

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