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Heat Pump Installers in Medway

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps in West Malling, Sevenoaks, Maidstone and the Home Counties

Are you looking for a way to lower your carbon emissions and reduce energy bills at the same time? If so, then consider the benefits of an air or ground source heat pump. These systems extract heat from the surrounding area, which they then use to create a more temperate environment. Without the need for combustion, heat pumps give property owners a safe, modern way to go green while enjoying greater comfort. Our experienced heat pump installers provide these innovative systems to clients across West Malling, Sevenoaks, Maidstone, Medway and the home counties.

NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd is registered with some of the leading heat pump manufacturers and suppliers. We work with prestigious names like Nu-heat and Mitsubishi to give clients the ultimate solution to their renewable energy needs.

You can also contact us for traditional heating systems and plumbing work. Please give us a call to learn how you could cut your carbon emissions and spend less each year.

Visit this case study to see how NDC Plumbing & Heating worked with Nu-Heat and TG Designer Homes to ensure an energy-efficient development.

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What Is an Air Source Heat Pump?
Energy-Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps

Consume less, generate more for sustainable comfort.

Continuous Hot Water and Heating

Advanced evaporation and condensation for uninterrupted supply.

Ideal for Rural and Eco-Conscious Homes

Embrace green living with this environmentally friendly solution.

Energy-Efficient Systems From the Accredited Heat Pump Installers

Lighting does not just illuminate your home. It actually creates an ambiance and functions like any other piece of decor. Simply put, the lamp you choose can make or break your space.

Air Source Heat Pumps – As Recommend by George Clarke

Enjoy a Series of Long-Term Benefits

Aside from government incentives, there are many reasons to invest in a heat pump system. Air source and ground source systems feature a quiet operation and keep your property warm for years to come. Our heat pump installers implement the finest products from the brands you trust, with most systems coming fully guaranteed for five years.

Heat pumps run efficiently, saving you on the cost of maintenance, repairs and monthly energy use. In fact, a recent report from the consumer website, Which?, suggested that air and ground source heat pumps can save you up to £1,410 per year over electrical heating systems although this cannot be guaranteed.

At NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we believe that reducing your carbon footprint should be as easy as possible. Our heat pump installers carry out all work required, including excavation, and can help maintain the system for your comfort in all seasons.

George Clarke introduces the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

Take a look at the video to watch George Clarke discuss the Electric Ecodan air source heat pump from Mitsubishi. He also explains how off-gas homeowners can benefit from renewable technology. NDC Plumbing & Heating is an approved Mitsubishi Accredited Installer. Contact us today for more details or to arrange a free demo.

Air Source Heat Pumps – What Are the Benefits?

Affordable Running Costs

An air source heat pump will be around three times more efficient than a modern boiler, so it can vastly reduce your energy bills.

Potential 400% Efficiency

Our heat pumps prove highly efficient because they generate far more heat than the energy they use. This is substantiated by Nu-Heat, who have a registered installer network. Renewable technology may reduce your energy bills significantly although this is not guaranteed.

A Renewable Choice

Reduce your carbon footprint with an air or ground source heat pump. This allows you to do your part for the environment.

Intelligent Controls

Enjoy greater control of your property’s hot water and heating with the Electric MELCloud app from Mitsubishi. It’s the ideal partner for your Ecodan system.

Key Features

  • Heating and hot water functions
  • Holiday mode
  • Frost protection
  • Seven-day weekly schedule
  • Operation mode reports
  • Running cost and energy reports
  • A live weather feed

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